Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bike Month Cycling Cap Giveaway WINNER!

The winner of my Bike Month Cycling Cap Give Away is......DIESEL!

His response:
"This is all new to me. I've never rode bikes (with a passion) until yesterday. But this has been a year of firsts for me (beat cancer,changing careers, planning a move west). I've always been active, but due to a recent knee injury that required surgery, running is now out of the question. I fell in love with the soothing rhythm of pedaling this winter in physical therapy which I completed last week. So yesterday, armed with my new jones I marched into our local grass roots bike shop and rode about 20 bikes of all styles and shapes. I ended up buying a very simple one speed bike that spoke to me because of it's purity of purpose, which incidentally I realized this morning, works as a perfect metaphor for me in this new chapter of my life. So what does that have to do with bike month and the super cool hat your kindly offering up? Well, as May will be my first month with my new bike, and my new love of bikes it seemed fitting and I promise to pass on this new love I have to people in this very bike unfriendly midwest city. But truth be told, the real reason is: I have a head of hair that after 40 years of good service has finally begun to call it quits and that hat is SO stinking cool."

That last line won me over :) I am glad to see you have have come through such trying times and have found a new love in cycling.

Diesel, email me (about me page) with your address and I'll get that hat sent right over. 
(if I don't hear from Diesel by June 25th I will select a new winner)


  1. Thanks so much for my new hat! I will wear it with pride! Thanks as well for the kind words.


  2. brichar9@ford.com - contact me here for my address.

    Thanks again!