Monday, May 23, 2011

Re-purposing Ugly Tote Bags Into A Sweet New Messenger Bag

 During Bike To Work Day the "energizer stations" pass out tote bags full of goodies to the cyclist who stop by. I decided to use the fabric of my bike to work day tote bag to make myself a new messenger bag. All the cream colored fabric and the strap on the bag I created (below) comes from the bike to work day totes. The tote bags had screen printing on them so I just flipped them inside out. The brown fabric and the apple are just scraps I had laying around. There is also a pocket sewn in to the side box frame. It's a pretty massive bag but I dig it. This will be perfect for riding my bike around town.

Bike to work day tote bags


  1. This is so cute and innovative! Thanks for inspiring re-use/upcycling Is like to repost on our bike blog to share this clever idea! Tres from

  2. Sure, feel free to repost. Please link back to this blog post when you do. Thanks!

  3. that is such a great idea, although i love my little bike to work day bag for little errands around town ;D