Friday, May 27, 2011

Front Yard Makeover Progression Pics

We have slowly but surly been working on the front yard. When we first moved in there was more cement than we would have liked, a giant Camellia bush/tree and a whole lotta grass. Here are some pictures of our progression so far:

Here is a not so great picture of what our front yard looked like when we first moved in. 
First we tore out the strip of cement on the right. Then planted some fruit trees & artichokes

Then Dan built some awesome raised beds & trellises out of redwood we got for free on craigslist. We planted more!

The large camellia came out and we put in a sign for Bike Man Dan, Peach & Mulberry Trees & PLANTED MORE!

Huckleberries, Marigolds, Onions...

Scarlet Runner Beans

Porch O'Pots

Succulents from the Plant Swap

Succulents from the Plant Swap


  1. Awesome front yard redo and love the bunglow!

  2. Super! How did you break that strip of concrete? We are thinking of doing something similar :D x