Sunday, March 21, 2010

Women and Cycling - a survey to better understand womans concerns while on two wheels

The APBP (Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals) is conducting a survey on the transportation cycling issues of women.

If you are a woman (even if you don't ride a bike) please take a few minuets to take this survey then pass it along to all your girlfriends.
As the APBP puts it: "The more women and girls you refer to this survey, the more it assists us in figuring out what factors need to be addressed to encourage women to cycle more places more often."

Take the Survey Here

The cycling world is dominated by males and in order for a real change to take place us women need to get on board. Let's shift the American mindset of bicycles being used just as a form of recreation, to bicycles being used as a valid and viable form of transportation.

(Thanks to the Cycle & Style blog for bringing this survey to my attention)

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