Friday, March 19, 2010

Urban Foraging Berkeley - Strawberry Guava

I am an avid urban forager!
So many people, businesses, empty lots, and parks have fruit trees and wild edibles growing freely that end up sadly going to waste. If one can freely access these fruits and veggies from the sidewalk or street they are fair game and considered public property. (just be polite about it and ask the property owner if you will need to go on or hang over their property)

This time of year there are a lot of wild spring veggies that are popping up everywhere: minors lettuce, sour grass, spring onion, chickweed, etc. Unfortunately there aren't a whole lot of fruits in season right now. I have been surviving sourly on lemons and oranges for the last few months. Luckily, to my great surprise, I stumbled upon a new fruit tree about a week ago and have been savoring the change in my fruit diet.
Enter...The Strawberry Guava.

These small red fruits have a thin slightly bitter skin and can be eaten whole. They contain large for their size seeds that are too hard to chew, but can be swallowed. They are best eaten when extremely soft and have a strong strawberry flavor that is quite delicious.

Head out around your neighborhood in search of local fruits and veggies; make a map of your local forage-ables; eat healthy in season foods, and save some grocery money.

Happy Foraging!

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  1. this is cool, never seen such thing... and i grew up with guava. i used to bake guava-flan to celebrate the trees in september. havent done that in a few years
    maybe next september.
    thanks for the cute pics :D