Tuesday, March 23, 2010

East Bay Tweed Ride - Saturday March 27th

The east bay tweed ride is back for a second go (the first one happened in June of 09).
It's slightly shocking to me that the east bay has been so slow to embrace the wonder that is "Tweed Ride". These things are happening all across the country as a quick google search will show you.

Alas, it is OUR time to basque in the woolen glow that is Tweed Ride. Although I have no idea what I would wear to such an event, attending it should prove to be great fun.

Come on down, dress as dapper as you can, and please do say hello if you see me.

Saturday March 27th
Meet @ Ohlone Park in Berkeley

"Join us for the first SF Tweed Ride of 2010, this ride will take place in the lovely town of Berkeley, CA. The ride will be anywhere from 5-7 miles with a break midway through. We have plenty of enjoyment planned for you all including games, contests, and a special performance by the wondrous Corpus Callosum followed by drinking.

  • 2 pm — Sally forth from Ohlone Park (near North Berkeley Bart)
  • Midpoint — Cesar Chavez Park (games, contests, and a special performance)
  • End (5-6 pmish) — Albatross Pub (libations & darts!)"

1 comment:

  1. Oh how I wish I could be there. I have a tweed Kilt and a tweed jacket.
    As for you wear a tweed skirt. Accessories to match. You would look so good.
    I would probably wear a tweed jacket and driving cap with black knickers and knee socks.