Sunday, January 31, 2010

Care Package

Most moms send care packages filled with things like homemade cookies, packets of hot chocolate, books, and personal hygiene products. My mother however knows me better than that. She knows I actually enjoy making food from scratch and instead provides me with the raw materials I so enjoy working with.

Here are the contents of the latest care package from my momma:
Starting from top left:
Sprouting jar lid
dough scraper
5 beautiful avocados from her tree
dried figs from her tree
brick of yeast
falafel mix
big bag of mixed beans
bag of wild rice

Thanks mom!


  1. wow, I am totally jealous actually...and we even share a mom :(

  2. I laughed at your post being a mum to four daughters I so get where she is coming from. By the way I am following your blog

  3. That is a great idea! My daughter would love receiving raw food material.