Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Top me off - my quest for a cycling cap

Ok, so my hair is insanely big. And yes, the second a hat goes on my head, my hair fights back pushing it off with all its might...but DAGNABIT I want a cycling cap!

I have been searching for the perfect hat for months now. I've seen caps with ear flaps and racing stripes. I've been considering fabric and colors. I've even looked at and considered alterations to patterns for my own construction. I still haven't decided.

I seem to be leaning towards the style of these hats by Kozie Prery on etsy. Though I'm not particularly in love with any of the fabric choices at the moment (gezz I'm so indecisive)
I love the soft stretchy ear flaps that just kind of cup around your ear. I have trouble with earaches from the wind blowing in my ears as I ride (because I'm oh so fast of course :) so this would totally take care of the problem. The best part is you can flip the flap up when you don't need it and you still have a stylin piece of head wear.

Some other great indie cap designers I'm diggin on:
I love the all over coverage designs and fabric choices of Floyd Boberg

The Outdoorsmen by Automatic Cowboy Joy is a win

And you've got to love this tweed number by Baroque my world

Please do send me any other suggestions you may have. I'd love to know who your favorite cycling cap brands/designers are.


  1. Have you seen the hats at Kongkodesign?

  2. i don't ride my bike that often, but i want to get one of those hats anyway lol. i do love the tweed one. <3

  3. Helmet and a beenie when its cold. The helmet protected my noggin when it was rolled across the pavement last year!

  4. Hi,
    check my winter cycling caps maybe you will find what your looking for.

  5. My friend makes these, maybe you'll like them: