Thursday, April 5, 2012

Speeding Back Up

Slowly, I've been speeding back up. There is a LOT more to do here than my lazy days on the farm in Maui. The good thing, though, is that I really enjoy just about everything I am doing (even if it does make me a bit frazzled sometimes).

Since I was away in January, the Winter Homemade Food Swap didn't happen. Now it's time for the Spring swap, so I have jumped back in to planning & organizing events. To my surprise, I was almost out of spots just two days after opening up registration for the swap. So luckily, this time around, very little time needed to be spent advertising the event. Now I'm just fielding emails, attempting to build a new website for the swaps, and trying to decide what to make for the swap myself (besides those jams I made last fall).

My earrings are a whole other story. I'm struggling to get back in to the major production mode required to stock all my empty stores. So far I have only managed to stock the one down the street from my house and I've been back 3 weeks already.

As always there are tons of projects around the house(s) as well. Some pretty major, lots of work involved, projects. I'm feeling the need for a schedule to plan my time well and make sure it all gets done.

For a little bit of fun, some friends and I have planned a ladies weekend bike trip at the end of the month. It will be nice to spend some real time on the saddle again and ease myself back in to riding. Three months in Maui without a bike has left me a little rusty.

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  1. I know the feeling exactly... I am terribly slow and as if disoriented every time I get back from holiday :)