Monday, April 16, 2012

Homemade Food Swap Haul

This is why I love Homemade Food Swaps! I came out of this one with more food than I get during a regular grocery shopping trip and everything was of amazing high quality and locally made/grown. 

I ended up making 5 different things to trade: whole wheat cheese crackers, fruit bars (newtons style in apricot, persimmon, & appleberry), garden huckleberry jam (fruit grown in my yard), medicinal herbal tea blends (all herbs grown in my yard), and edible flowers (from my yard). 

Check out all the amazing things I got in my trades!

All this!

3 doz eggs, focaccia, soup, salsa, whey, jams

more jams, strawberry shortcake, bread, cookies, homebrew beer, kombucha, chai tea,

cookies, candied nuts, granola, triple sec, queso blanco, irish soda bread, candied lemon peel, & more cookies

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