Friday, December 16, 2011

WWOOF-ing in Hawaii

I'm in Hawaii!
Maui to be a bit more specific. Dan and I have decided to skip winter this year and head for the tropics. We will be WWOOF-ing for the next three months at a small farm in Maui. Today is day 4 and I think we made the right choice when we choose this particular farm. I am very excited for the months ahead.

Our first night in Maui we were lucky enough to stay with friends of friends. They were so amazing and we are so grateful for their help. We really didn't want to attempt hitching the Hana Highway at night. They picked us up from the airport, cooked us dinner & breakfast, & gave us a comfortable room & bed to sleep in. So much more than we would have ever expected.

The second day we had some breakfast, picked some fruit, then started hitchhiking. It took 3 hours but someone finally picked us up. We had a lot of locals drive past us holding up their thumb & index finger (like when you are saying "a little bit"). After about the 4th time we worked out that they were telling us they were only going a short distance and that it must be a well known symbol around these parts.

Dan with our Hana sign
 The ride to the farm was winding, long, & rainy but we arrived in one piece. Everyone at the farm has made us feel welcome. Our work/trade hours are minimal and we have plenty of time to explore. In exchange for our hours we get free room & board which includes a nicely stocked kitchen & all the tropical fruit we can eat.

Our cabin at the farm

Ocean view from our cabin

The mosquitoes have gone nuts feasting on my poor arms & legs but I expected no different. I knew what I was getting in to and have gone in to town today for some anti itch cream.  Dan is getting bitten pretty bad as well though hes attempting the" stay covered up at all times" tactic. It's hot and I love to feel the breeze so I am choosing to endure the bites. Everyone here on the farm is telling me your body gets used to it after a few weeks and the bites stop itching and swelling nearly as much. It's so awesome here I'm willing to wait out the discomfort & slather on my anti itch cream for now. 
Just a fraction of my mosquito bites

 I'll try to get on every few days with pictures & updates. Have a good winter everyone, I know I will :)


  1. Hey Dan!! Im glad you guys made it to Hana. I saw you hitching on the road and I passed you. I was in a hurry and wish I would have stopped. I wasn't going much farther but I wish I could have helped with your 3 hour wait. I hope you will forgive me....
    Enjoy your WWOOFing in Hana..
    C ya around

  2. Hello!!
    That looks like a perfect holiday to me! I even like your cabin - awesome! I hope I get to do something similar in the future :)
    Hope you enjoyed it!