Tuesday, December 20, 2011

End of week one on the "farm"

The past few days I have been taking tons of pictures documenting our time here. Then...I realized the memory card wasn't in the camera :( wah wah

We finally made it out to the beach. The BEACH! In DECEMBER! The sun was out & the water was so warm.  Somehow we magically didn't get burned. It was  pretty great playing in the water. One of those "feel like a kid again" moments that lasted for quite a few moments. Ocean water that is warm enough to get right in to without cringing is so indescribably wonderful. I can't wait to make it out to the beach again.

I REALLY wish I had a bike out here. It is not very fun having to rely on hitchhiking to get around. Some people seem to have great luck with us but Dan and I don't seem to be those people. With all the moisture in the air apparently bikes (and everything else) break down pretty quickly. Our computer, ebook reader, and cell phone all have a bit of trouble as well. Sometimes they freak out a bit or wont even turn on. This causes some delays in updates but I'll keep at it.

My job on the farm is mainly baking. The farm has a farm stand where they sell various fruits, coffee, breads, candies, jams, & hot sauces almost all made here on the farm. Sometimes I help make the other products, work the farm stand, or help clean up as well. It's nice to mix it up a bit.

Being a punctual girl, "Island Time" is a bit hard for me to grasp. There have been a few times where someone has told me something like "we will be leaving in about 20 minuets". I now know this actually means an hour and a half. This, I don't much like. I have noticed myself slowing down a bit though. I walk slower, take more naps, take longer to clean up, and just move a little slower in general. I think its just because I actually have the time to do these things.

The food situation is interesting. The kitchen here is stocked better than our kitchen at home. There are regular items they buy every week and we are allowed to make special requests as well. All these things that Dan and I consider special occasion  or every now and then foods are always in stock here. I have to make sure to resist the urge to have cream cheese on my bagels every morning.  We have been chowing down on all the fruits our little hearts desire. Smoothies, fruit & veggie juices (we have a juicer here) ,  fresh fruits, it's wonderful! The other residents here are really good cooks too. We have many communal dinners. I am loving the break from cooking and getting to taste other peoples creations. Some amazing things have filled our plates since we've been here.

Alright, I've got the memory card in my camera. I promise more pictures next post.

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