Friday, May 6, 2011

Plant Swap Prep: gathering cuttings, offshoots, seedlings, & unwanted plants

 Today I'm spending my day getting ready for the N. Oakland Plant Swap that we are putting on tomorrow.

This means that I am running around my house and yard searching for things to snip off, pull out, bag up, and gather together. Its amazing how easy it is to make a new plant out of practically nothing. Get yourself a little rooting hormone and you are gold. You could literally never buy another plant or seed again if you just put a little bit of work in to it, and I do mean little.

Here are some of the things around my house I am pulling from to add to the plant swap tomorrow:
Lemon Balm
I rooted this from a cutting and will take more cuttings from it for the swap.

We started from seed & rooted from cuttings various herbs including:
yarrow, lavender, rosemary, & this basil

Started from seeds, we ended up with more than we will use

snapping off various succulent cuttings from around my yard

A wonderful indoor plant that has grown long. I've snipped off cuttings for people to  root.

We started a little bit too many lettuces so I'll have a few to swap

This shows a great example of how succulents multiply.
You can easily twist off these lower heads and  root them for a whole new plant.

Another succulent I took cuttings from.
I can't wait for the swap tomorrow. What a great way to start a garden or green up your home all for free.

I leave you today with a picture of some artichokes in my front yard. I watch these things grow larger and larger every day and I can't wait to sink my teeth in to them. I like the background of lawns & cars. Such a stark contrast. Get outside and enjoy this beautiful day!


  1. Stupid question: How do you know where to cut when doing your cuttings? The succulents seem more obvious on what to do than other plants...

  2. It's always best to look up each individual plant you are cutting from and see what the recommendation is but in general you want to leave at least 3-5 nodes on the piece you are cutting off.