Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Life, House, Projects, Bike Updates

I can't find the cord to upload photos from my camera to my computer so posts have come to a screeching halt lately. Finally, I decide to suck it up and make a photo-less post. Tis better than no post after all.

The plant swap went really well. I mean REALLY well. It was so much fun meeting our neighbors, sharing knowledge, and of course getting tons of amazingly free plants, pots, seeds, and garden decorations. My porch is satisfyingly green now.

I spent last weekend in Southern California for an old friends wedding. I should have a few pictures when ever I can find that damn cord.

My swap projects have been going well. The next event is a clothing swap coming up this weekend. Check out the clothing swap tab above if you are in the area and interested in attending. The facebook event page has the details on the address.
I also have another food swap coming up in July so I am beginning the planning stages of that. Trying to tack down the location before getting too in to it.

I'm planning a small bike tour/camping trip for this summer. Trying to get together a small group of friends/cyclists for a short 3 day bike trip. I'm thinking easy 30-40 mile days so there will be plenty of enjoy the scenery time. Riding during the days & camping during the night. Haven't settled on a route yet. If anyone has one they could recommend within a 50 or so mile radius of Oakland/San Francisco please do share. I might actually try to fit in a couple of these trips during the summer.

I'll get digging for that cord and hopefully have some pictures for you soon.

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