Sunday, April 10, 2011

Swapping Plants - edibles, house plants, cuttings, succulents, herbs, seeds, etc.

I just started my newest swap project: The N. Oakland Plant Swap!

This will be a twice a year event for people to gather together and trade all their edible and inedible: unwanted plants, cuttings trimmings, seedlings, starts, foraged plants, and seeds.
This is also a great place to bring any extra pots, natural fertilizers, vermicompost/worms, garden tools, etc. you have and are no longer using. Pass them all on to a new home and come pick up some new-to-you plants for your garden and home.

I hope to see lots of edible plants, herbs, house plants, flowers & succulents. Bring it all!

Our first swap will be: Saturday May 7th 2-4pm
Click the logo below for more information.

If you don't already have something like this in your area, consider starting it. It takes little effort and can be done just once or twice a year having a great impact in your community. This can be an amazing way to get all the plants you need/want for your home and garden completely for free!


  1. i love this idea and would love to try something like this in my neighborhood. my boyfriend and i just planted our first seeds in our apartment here in chicago, and we know a few other people who are into urban/rooftop farming. it'd be awesome to do something like that to bring everyone together.

  2. Love the over the back fence swap. We often have to ditch a bunch of Plants to make too make room for more cool stuff. We try to put out from for the taking and they always go. Matti