Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ani Di

My bestie surprised me with tickets to see Ani Di Franco in San Francisco last night. I used to be really in to her in high school and seeing her last night reminded me why I loved her so much. She is pretty amazing. I loved all her new songs (which really surprised me). Her live show sounded like I could have been listening to recordings. She truly is a seasoned musician.  The fact that she has stuck to her guns this long is really impressive. I salute you Ani.

ps: man oh man, she is tiny!


  1. oh man i haven't listened to ani in forever! i went to her concert in brooklyn several years ago, it was amazing! i'm going to need to break out some of her music now. ^_^ glad you had fun!

  2. Like she said, she wrote and sang cuz nobody else was gonna!