Saturday, January 8, 2011

She's a He! We Have A Rooster On Our Hands

After much deliberation we have concluded that one of our beautiful Hens is actually a hansom Rooster. This saddens me. Roosters are not allowed in Oakland so we have someone coming to pick him up tomorrow.

How could we tell? He has not started crowing yet but there were other tell-tale signs. First and foremost: aggression. He makes different noises than our hen. He is growing rather large wattles, lobes and comb. But what really gave it away was the development of saddle feathers (special feathers males get on their sides close to the tail) and spurs (spiky protrusions out the back of the legs). *Click on the pic above to enlarge it, you'll be able to see for yourself

We will miss you Remington. I wish you plenty of grass to chomp and worms to scratch at your new home.


  1. Oh, I am sorry, they can be major characters and so so fun to watch. Roosters so define "maleness". We used to keep chickens and it was really hard to either cull the males or find them homes. I believe he is a Dominic breed.

    It's been a long time for chicken keeping for us, but they was fascinating creatures.. Very good he is going to have a nice home in the country.

  2. She is such a pretty bird. Too bad she is a he and so he can not be kept.

  3. Aw...such a pity to lose such a bird! But why are Roosters not allowed in Oakland?

  4. oh no! that happened to my cousin but as sad as this sounds she ended up doing the deed herself and she said it was the best chicken she had ever had!


  5. Hi! I am new to your blog and I have been doing a bit of catch up! I think this is such a refreshing blog! And there is so much I could learn from you! I just got my first grown up bike and I am so lost! Also so jealous you have chickens. I really really want them but can't have them now. I've always wondered what happens to the roosters. :( That is sad you have to get rid of him. I hope he goes to a good home!