Saturday, January 29, 2011

No More Shampoo - Update - 5 weeks in

Yep, wearing the same sweater.
It's been a little over 5 weeks since the last time I shampooed my hair. I would be lying if I said there weren't moments of temptation to throw some shampoo in and call it a day. This, of course, has been a learning process for me, as it has to be for each person who tries it. Learning what it is specifically that your hair needs.

For me, and it seems many others, using baking soda every week is a bit too much. After a few weeks of using it once a week, it seemed to be drying out my hair and scalp. I read about other people doing a conditioner wash most of the time they "cleanse". I've decided to try alternating the conditioner washes and baking soda washes ever week. One week "wash" with conditioner, the next week "wash" with baking soda/vinegar. This seems to be working so far, we'll see how it goes.

Some additives I've found for the Vinegar conditioning rinse are:
* A few drops of  essential oil
* Honey
* Lemon juice
Clean hair after 5+ weeks shampoo free

Make sure you mix well before rinsing your hair with it. 

If you notice your scalp itches, try using these essential oils: tea tree, lavender, and/or rosemary.

If your hair seems dry on the ends, try a small amount of olive or coconut oil rubbed between your palms then smoothed on the ends of hair.

If any of you have tips, trick, or advise I'd love to hear it! Please do share.


  1. Your hair looks great!

    I read your thread on etsy after you posted three weeks into your 'no poo' experiment, and I decided to give it a shot.

    I'm over three weeks into it, and I'm also having to experiment a little. I didn't do a two week detox, so I washed with baking soda and ACV after four days, and then repeated that method every four days a couple of times. I found it made my hair really dry and fly-awayish.

    So I tried using Dr. Bronners diluted with water, and a few drops of sunflower oil with an ACV rinse. That made my hair feel THEN I tried washing with the Dr. Bronners mixture, then doing a quick scrub with baking soda, then ACV rinse. I've done this twice now and so far it seems like the perfect combination. My hair is really soft and clean feeling, not greasy at all and my skin is clearing up.

    Sorry for the long comment, but I really love this so far!

  2. I've been shampoo-free for over 3 months now, and I've found that the key is in the baking soda mix. Most blogs and websites suggest a paste to clean your scalp once every week or so. I too found that to be much harsher than necessary but still longing for that particular clean feeling.

    When I gave up shampoo, I acquired two water bottles (plastic squeeze) and designated one for baking soda and one for vinegar. My current ratio is 2T baking soda in one 20 oz. bottle of water and 3T of vinegar in the other. I still only use the baking soda once every 1-2 weeks and love the gentler results.

  3. I tried the baking soda and broke out in hives all over my face, neck and back :( (and it's hypoallergenic too, wtf). So I'd advise spot tests.

  4. So ever since I read your original post about no 'poo I decided to try it. I haven't purchased shampoo conditioner (or even toothpaste or deoderent- thanks to your other posts) since February! Its so liberating! It took a good month or two for my hair to get used to the routine. My hair is long and straight and gets oily very quickly. No 'poo helps it get oily slower, but it definitely still gets oily- so I wash my hair once, sometimes twice a week. I basically use 1 tbsp baking soda for the shampoo and then for conditioner I made an acv herbal hair rinse. I put some dry rosemary in a mason jar, added a cup of boiling water, let it steep for hours, strained out the rosemary and added acv to the mixture. I can't even tell you how shiny my hair is from the rosemary. If you google herbal hair rinses, there are lists of what herbs help different hair types. Thanks for an awesome blog!

    1. I'm really curious to try out this soda/vinegar mix.

      Nettle rinses (as in stinging, yes) are also supposed to be great as hair rinses. Chamomile might help with the dry scalp thing.

      As for conditioning, a housemate is on a high-protein egg whites in the mornings diet...and is saving the yolks for me. When I looked up recipes for yolks, I found that, mixed with olive oil and honey or mayonnaise, it's a great conditioner:

  5. shampoo free here aswel, your hair is gorgeous!
    I don't use baking soda, just twice a week soap nut and twice a week a splash of lemon juice :)