Sunday, November 14, 2010

Chicken Update!

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When we arrived back from our trip, our little baby chicks were all gown up. They have lost their baby fluff feathers and are officially making grown up chicken noises. It will still be a little while till they start laying but they are eating quite a bit in preparation for the hard jobs ahead of them.

Currently, we are grinding up acceptable kitchen food scraps in to a giant food mash then mixing it with layer feed for their daily feedings. We also let them wander around the yard pretty much every day to munch on grass, clover, sprouts and dig for bugs. I take great pleasure hunting snails for them. They are a good protein source for the chickens AND it helps slow down the damage the snails are doing to the garden.


  1. wow they grew so fast! my cousin used to have those very same kind of chickens but she traded with a friend and bought all new silkies! they are soo silly and they lay bluish eggs too! wish i had space to have chickens and you are right about them controlling the snail population too, one day!