Saturday, October 30, 2010

Santa Cruz to San Luis Obispo Ride

Dan and I just finished another ride. Santa Cruz to San Luis Obispo. My longest and most consecutive days yet. A long winding bike trail leading us to Monterrey.

Private camp spot on a cliff over looking the ocean.

Along he route. A somewhat rainy day, but nice flat roads.


The whole ride had some amazing views.

Scoping out the sea lions.


  1. Wow! it looks amazing! I would love to do a ride like that someday :)

  2. looks like sooo much fun! the mister and i want to ride from hayward to santa cruz this coming spring or summer! i can't wait!!!! it will also be our longest ride! plus camping along the way...really can't beat that!!!!!!!! but in the next couple of weeks we are riding out to point reyes from hayward and going camping!! can't wait to share with everyone!