Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Beehive Market - Saturday

I'll be selling my recycled bike tube earrings at the Beehive Market in Berkeley this Saturday June 26th 10am-2pm.

Stop by and say hi!

A little about the market:

Mission - The Beehive Market supports local, sustainable businesses and services. Beehive Market vendors produce locally with sustainable material–organic, recycled, reused.

The Beehive Market also supports the local arts scene, providing a showcase for independent musicians and artists working with sustainable materials.

The Beehive Educational Fund non-profit is a weekly open air forum for environmental education that provides informed, sustainable lifestyle choices.

Location - The Beehive Market
1701 San Pablo Ave, West Berkely, CA 94702 (At the Berkely Adult School parking lot).

Transportation -
Bus: #72 San Pablo Avenue Bus.

Bart: North Berkeley Bart-Pedicab available from the station.
Bike: Bike valet parking provided free.

1 comment:

  1. I hope you sell lots!
    I'd come but I'll be off riding my bike up Morgan Territory. :-)