Thursday, May 13, 2010

Yay Bike to Work Day!

This was my first official "Bike to Work Day" and I loved it! Totally worth waking up at 6:45am to head out to all(we made it to 3) the energizer stations and the main event in Downtown Oakland. We first headed over to Actual Cafe to say hello to my buddy Sal and dance to some funky beats to get the morning started right.
Next we headed over to Frank Ogawa Plaza in Downtown Oakland for the main Bike to Work event. We arrived around 8am and there were plenty of people showing their bike love.
Luckily the line for the free pancake breakfast and coffee was short and went really quickly.
Our lovely pancake servers. Thanks so much!
The pancakes were delish, and they even let us go back for seconds!
On the way home we stopped by another energizer station at 40th & San Pablo and picked up a pastry provided by Emeryville's own "Pixar".

Then while heading back to the house we made one last stop at the community garden where they have a wonderful raspberry bush. Being responsible urban foragers, we only picked the raspberrys that were growing on the outside of the fence over on to the sidewalk. A perfect way to end our morning of free feasting.

We spotted this very pretty flowering plant and grabbed one of its dried up flower clusters to collect seeds. Hopefully we can get a few to sprout and have one of these grow at our house.
Once home we emptied out our free goodie bags and were so excited to see all the amazing stuff we got. First off, how rad to see my fellow blogging buddy Meli from Bikes and the City on the cover of the Momentum Magazine. Second, a FREE EcoMetro Guide? Um...awesome! Also, free Cliff bars, Ghirardelli chocolate squares, Numi teas, stickers, a bike map of Oakland and coupons.
Thanks dudes! Bike to work morning was wonderful.
If I'm up to it I'll be heading over to the "Bike Away from Work" party this evening too :)


  1. That is so cool, you go bike girl!

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  3. I've actually already taken the "car free challenge" for my life in general. I have no car and get around strictly by bike (as stated in other posts) but thanks for sharing that link.

  4. Congrats on living car-free!

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