Thursday, October 18, 2012

Yoga & Fitness Supply Swap this weekend!

I am putting on a Yoga & Fitness Supply Swap this weekend in the East Bay. Come Swap with me!

Yoga & Fitness Supply Swap

If you're like me, and you probably are, you have too much (or not the right) athletic clothing and gear.  Yoga pants that a tad too short. Bicycle pants from a very short stint as a spinner. Extra mats and balls and weights or could use them. 
That industry has enough of our money! Don't buy more!
Swap It Oakland is putting on a  Yoga and Fitness Supply Swap 
Saturday Oct 20th
1-3 pm. 
1540-A 62nd St. Emeryville, CA

$5-$10 sliding scale donation
(goes towards supporting community swap events and affordable yoga) 

Bring your gently used yoga & fitness clothing & supplies and swap it for new to you goods. 
(We will only accept clean, undamaged, stain-free items)

We will be swapping yoga & active-wear clothes, yoga mats & props, running & hiking shoes, small portable exercise equiptment (small weights, stretch bands, etc.), water bottles, backpacks, & bags

Free product has been provided from The Tye:

$5-10 sliding scale donation & a bag of clothes/supplies gets you in.

*This event is taking place in a yoga studio so be prepaired to take your shoes off when entering the swap. 

Check out Swap it Oakland HERE


  1. That is a gorgeous idea!! I wish things like these happened at where I live!
    Oh, maybe I can organize a day like this once too :)))

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