Saturday, September 8, 2012

Heading in to Fall

I am starting to feel the change of the seasons in the air.

As Autumn comes around each year I am filled with the sense of a fresh start. My body feels different; my eyes seem to see things in a new color palate. I get the urge to make lists, scheme up exciting new hopeful plans, and organize my home. (edit: I have been researching a bit what the ancient traditions of this time of year are and have found it is/was common to do fall version of spring cleaning for your home) I prepare, re-evaluate, and make decisions. The months we are heading in to are the ones in which I shine. 

Perhaps it's because the fall marks the beginning of a new school year which itself represents a fresh new chance to remake yourself & start anew.  From here we can see the door start to open up to the holiday season which itself is an exciting time. The ancient Celts had two important holidays this time of year. Alban Elved (or Mabon) on Sept 21st is the Autumnal Equinox and is the time for finishing the business of Summer. The Celts considered the end of fall their new year (Samhain) and spent much time, from now until October 31st, harvesting, preserving, and preparing for the cold months ahead. But it wasn't all about looking towards Winter, both of these holidays are also a time to celebrate the harvest and indulge with many feasts and festivals. 
For me, this time of year brings my birthday (it was on the 6th) and reminds me that I have a whole new year ahead of me to look forward to and fill with experiences. 

Today I indulged my ancestors (my last name means apple). There is an old apple tree in my neighborhood that is very tall so it is impossible to pick the apples it produces. Every apple on this tree comes crashing down to the cement parking lot below it bruising & rotting. I decided to salvage what I could, so I rode my bike over and ended up picking enough apples off the ground to fill up my pannier. Pounds and pounds of apples. When I got home I washed them, cut off the wounds & brown spots, cooked them with some lemon juice then canned them. Out of these poor rotting unwanted fruits I was able to get 5 jars of apple sauce. I think that's pretty cool. 

How does Autumn affect you? What are you doing to prepare for the upcoming months?


  1. When I was a kid, I was always looking forward to the start of school, getting my pencilcase and note books ready and also starting to look around for Christmas presents once the weather was not nice any more and school got boring and serious.Now I am not very likely to have to write motes for school, but I started with looking forward to Christmas, buying some first presents, making decorations and collecting cake recipes thinking of all the great evenings spent at home with a cup of tea and a good book :)

  2. love that you rescued and canned the fallen fruit