Saturday, August 4, 2012

These days

We've been working hard on our other property getting it fixed up and ready for a new tenant. This process is taking much longer than we expected but we are slowly making progress. I'll get pictures up when its ready but that might be a while still.
Other than that I have been busy with my earring lineswap group, and the garden of course.

Eating a lot of greens out of the garden. Mostly tree collards and perennial buckwheat greens in my morning smoothies. We also have green onions, various herbs, broccoli, calendula (I like to mix a little in to baked goods & smoothies) tomatoes, and salad greens.

Sticking close to home these days. Finding great pleasure in "keeping house", listening to audio books, and working on small projects around the house.

anything by Ayla Nereo

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