Friday, March 25, 2011

I'm in the New York Times!

Sorry I've been a bit neglectful lately. Things have been crazy for me with the planning of the up coming food swap I'm running. The thing is two weeks away but we are just a few spots away from being full. Not only that but I'm also part of the planning committee for my upcoming High School Reunion. Talk about a lot of work!

This morning I opened my email and found a very excited message from my friend Katy (owner of Square One Yoga) telling me that I was in the New York Times! How very exciting. I have been mentioned in THIS article about food swapping which talked about the Homemade Food Swap I'm putting on.
I don't get the New York Times myself so I sent out a message to my neighborhood email list asking if anyone would let me have theirs and was able to pick up a copy of it from someone just a few houses away. It's just a small mention but exciting all the same.

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  1. awesome! at least your community work is getting recognition for the amazing thing it is. i'm sure many will become inspired by it. way to go! p.s. if you need any volunteers let me know!