Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bike around town food inspiration: Coconut Cinnamon Rolls

While I was out riding my bike around town today I rode right by IKEA and was oh so tempted to pop inside and grab a box of cinnamon rolls. SO TEMPTED!
Somehow I convinced myself to keep riding on home and whip up a batch myself. I needed to make bread anyway so I made a double batch of my regular bread, then cut the dough in half. One half I put in a loaf pan and let rise. The other half I rolled out to a large rectangle and made just two small tweeks to a normal cinnamon roll recipe.
Instead of butter I used coconut oil, and instead of nuts I used some small dehydrated chunks of coconut. These two substitutions along with the normal cinnamon, sugar, and sprinkle of cornstarch were sprinkled all over one side of the rectangle then rolled up in to a log. I sliced off pieces about 1 1/2 inches thick then let them rise in a high walled baking dish for about two hours. Bake 350 for about 22 min and they are perfect!

The one down side about making them myself (besides time): I made way more than I ever would have gotten at Ikea and in turn, have eaten way more than I should have.


  1. Care you share your regular bread recipe? That cinnamon roll looks SO GOOD.

  2. DAMN that looks SO GOOD! Off to make some so they will be ready for baking in the AM :)

  3. No problem Lauren, I just posted it:

    Thanks Amber, how did they turn out?

  4. Oh my gosh, these look amazing! I'm going to have to try my hand at this!
    Also, totally forgot, but I linked to your earring shop in a couple of my recent blog posts:

    I love mine and I wear them all the time!

  5. My husband and I both ride our bikes everywhere. We have a car but mostly ride it when it snows - if the roads are clear we pedal. Eating good food is a terrific motivation to bike as many places as possible. For health reasons and because we prefer great food to mediocre eats, we try and make as much our own food. Bob made a terrific Thai-mushroom-curry soup this evening and currently has two loaves of whole wheat baking in the oven. We've only purchased one loaf of bread since November! Of course, all our cookies are made by me with only healthy ingredients - and they taste great. I just stumbled upon your blog today. Your lifestyle is exactly what we're trying to work toward. We live in the suburbs and my husband is not ready to deal with chickens but we're getting our raised beds ready for summer veggie garden. I'll follow your blog for inspiration.