Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Chicken Coop Update - complete!

Entrance with chicken ramp and hanging water dispenser.

Back view showing hatch to collect eggs

3 nesting boxes and a roost
Their nesting boxes and roost are complete. It was built using 100% reclaimed/recycled wood. It's not at all fancy looking, but it works!
We have two beautiful new chickens (3 total) one Barred Rock Hen, and a beautiful white Wyandotte Hen both joining our Rhode Island Red Hen already calling the space under our deck home. The two new ones were at home and getting along with our Rhode Island just days after introduction. It was stressful for all the birds but they got through it and are all very happy together now.
I've been trying for days to get a good picture of them all but have yet to be successful, I'll keep trying for you guys.

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