Wednesday, November 17, 2010

FREE Fermentation Workshop in N. Oakland this Saturday!

My local Farmers Market in N. Oakland is hosting a FREE fermentation workshop this Saturday. They will be going from 11-2pm teaching a variety of fermentation techniques to make a variety of foods.
Located at 5715 market st, oakland ca. in the back parking lot.
Check it out!

"This is the lineup for the Ferment Change! Skill Share, Culture Swap, and Tasting. All sessions and cultures are open and free. The event will take place at the Saturday North Oakland Farmers' Market
North Pediatrics Parking Lots at 5715 market st, oakland ca.
This event is part of the Food N'Justice Workshop series, more info at
. Please feel free to bring a culture to swap and a fermented item to share (if you have one). Bring a jar, knife, and/or cutting board with you if you would like to take home your own ferment. Veggies will be available for purchase from the farmers' at the market or bring your own! Bread provided by the bread project.

11am-11:30am- Goat Cheese, Beer Brewing and more
Local brewer and goat milker, Chris S. will host a Q and A session about all things related to making homebrew, mead, and wines using commercially selected cultures. He will touch open topics such as saving your own yeast, cost effective alcohol production from all sorts of sugars, and making goat cheese.

11:30am-12pm- Kraut with a cuisnart (or by hand)
Core phat beets produce organizer, local musician, and all around great guy Zac Matthews will show you how to make kraut that taste like the pros made it with a cuisnart food processor. If you want to learn the old school method of using a knife and cutting board, salt and a cabbage this will also be covered. He will also cover simple methods for keeping your kraut mold free. Bring a glass jar with a lid, a knife and cutting board. Cabbages and veggies can be purchased at the market. Participants will be able to leave with some of their own kraut.

12:00-12:30- Brining your own veggies- Root veggie sour pickles
max of Ferment Change! will cover the basics of making salt brined veggies. Preserve the harvest without vinegar! We will touch open the methods to keep your root veggie pickles crisp, sour, and tasty. Bring a jar, lid, and a knife if you want to take home a batch to brine on your counter.

12:30-1:00-Making Yogurt at Home
Learn the basics of making yogurt with Monica S.

1:00-1:30-Making your own Lacto-fermented Soda
Local fermentor and teacher, Nishanga, will cover the basics and offer recipes on how to make your own lacto-fermented soda.

1:30-2pm-Beyond Lindsay Lohan- How to make your Fizzy Kombucha
max of Ferment Change! will do a quick demo on making kombucha and hit all the basics. A short Q and A session will follow. Kombucha starters (scobbies) will be available to take home with participants.

In Abundance,

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