Saturday, September 11, 2010

Touring the coast in Sonoma County

This year my birthday fell on Labor Day. I decided I wanted to do something fun and bicycle related for my birthday weekend so Dan and I joined up with a cycling meet up group of about 19 other people and headed off on a 3 day biking & camping tour of the coast in Sonoma County. Over all I got in around 90 miles of riding.
I think I had the least loaded bike out of everyone there, just my one pannier. Luckily Dan was there to pick up some of my slack.
There were tons of apple trees, and I consumed their fruits readily.

Mid day stop our second day at the Cafe Aquatica in Jenner.

After just one small section of a major climb.

Amazing view.

Strayed off the path a bit for some sight seeing at Ft. Ross.

Only a few people from our large group setting up camp our last night.

The final day was very dangerous riding along the 1 so we took a very steep detour. 18% grade up hill for 2 miles. I ended up walking most of it. It was intense!

One more stop for some roadside berries. The best I've ever had!


  1. Wow! Amazing photos and beautiful scenery! Good for you Kendra!!!! You did it - I admire your determination! Hooray!!!!

  2. I'd love to do a bike tour of the Sonoma area with my husband. Looks like a great time. Is that a folding bike Dan rode? I just purchased on for out of town trips.

  3. It is a folding bike. It's a Bike Friday "New World Tourist" (his review if you are interested: ).

    It's very handy for times when you normally would have a tough time traveling with a big bulky bike (buss, plane, train) but he uses it as he everyday bike as well.