Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Green Smoothies - the official drink of summer!

It's summer time again, that means the return of my beloved Green Smoothies!
During the winter I lost all urge to sip down these wonderful concoctions; I was always in the mood for something warm instead. Now that the heat has begun to return, these green cups of goodness have slowly been returning in to my diet and I feel like I've got an old friend back in my life.

If your not hep on the Green Smoothies, these smoothies are just like any other BUT GREEN. Ok, ok maybe it's not as simple as that. Traditionally these drinks are a vegan raw food staple. They are made with any blend of fruits, nut milks, and dark leafy greens. You are free to add your own twists of course to fit your diet.

I usually tend to sip down a blend of:
bananas (from the "so ripe were discounting you section")
any type of milk I have on hand (almond, soy, cows)
flax meal
and a HUGE handful of spinach

This smoothie with a piece of peanut butter toast is enough to keep me going for hours.

I'm not going to post a normal recipe with amounts to follow. It changes every time I make it and it should for you too. It's incredibly simple, throw in what ever you have, blend it up, enjoy.


  1. I'm always curious about these types of drinks, but I'm not good about trying them. It looks good... even if it is green. ♥

  2. Just started making these. I too was a little resistant, but have found them easy and tasty too.

    You might want to consider mixing up the greens - chard, lettuce, celery, cucumber. Not good to have too much of one thing.

    Also, add some parsley, mint or cilantro too.

    I tend to add whatever greens I have left over from other cooking. On Sunday, this was spinach, lettuce, parsley, celery, mixed with some pineapple/coconut juice. Very good.

  3. I actually used chard in mine this morning, spinach is just my favorite since it has almost no flavor. Mint sounds delish, I'll have to see if I can find just the right mix of fruits to add that in.