Friday, June 11, 2010

Urban Foraging: Loquats

Here in Oakland/Berkeley loquats are EVERYWHERE. And THIS is the time to pick them. Right now they are perfectly sweet just waiting to be eaten.

*Click on the image below to see a close up of the tree, its leafs, and the fruit clusters so you will be able to identify them in your own neighborhood.
Make sure to look for fruits with a deep orange color. They should be firm giving way only slightly under the pressure of your fingers.
You can bite right in consuming the skin if you like but I think the texture and tartness takes away from fruit so I (and most people) prefer to peel the skin off before eating.
Inside you will find anywhere from1 to 5 large seeds. These are hard and not edible so spit those babies out. Enjoy the small amount of flesh you do get, there are plenty on the tree to satisfy your loquat hunger.


  1. We have a young one growing in the yard.

  2. Yum! It's Friday! Loquat margaritas for everyone!
    Those are big nuts. I'd like to have some to plant :)

  3. We have Loquats all around here and almost no one knows how tasty they are.