Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Quicksilver - Kevin Bacon, San Francisco, & Bikes

I've been sick and off my bike for the past week. Finally today I felt ok enough to do some riding. It's interesting to see how your riding changes when you are not doing it every day. After my hill filled ride today and a big late lunch of tamales I was pooped. The combination of getting over a cold, not riding for the past week, and eating a heavy meal knocked me out. I took a nap only to wake up in the dark. The day being over, Dan and I decided to watch a movie to fill the evening.
We decided upon the 1986 masterpiece "Quicksliver" staring a young Kevin Bacon.
Bad acting and unbelievable plot aside this movie was decent. Kevin Bacon plays a stock broker in the beginning of the film, though quite unrealistically. He doesn't do straight laced very well. After flushing his career as a floor trader down the toilet he somehow decides to become a bike messenger, on the gritty streets of San Francisco, sporting a single speed '84 Raleigh Competition. There are many inconsistencys throughout the film and most of the choices the characters make are completely ridiculous. But really, how bad can it be with an 80s dance scene between a ballet dancer and Kevin Bacon on a bike?

That scene alone would make the movie for me. There is also a sweet scene filled with bike tricks that is worth a look as well. The fact that it is set in San Francisco is the icing on the cake. I love seeing movies that are based in SF. It's really neat to see the streets I'm so used to riding/walking. Everything being said, I recommend watching Quicksilver. You might not be moved but it will at least be entertaining.


  1. I thought it was a 1985 Raleigh Competition.

  2. You could be right, I'm no expert.

  3. Just checked, and according to Wikipedia it is an 1984

    "Kevin Bacon's bicycle is a singlespeeded '84 Raleigh Competition. While no differentiation is made in the film, at least three different configurations are seen on Bacon's bike during the movie: Fixed-gear, singlespeed, and outfitted with 0-degree trick forks during various scenes in Bacon's apartment."

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